Kandewala Studio

Our Story

Kandewala Wedding Photography had modest origins as a local wedding photography service started by Mr. Ramesh Mutneja in a small town, Abohar located in Punjab. Today, the legacy continues with his sons, Karan and Honey, at the helm. Karan, an accomplished MBA graduate who had a thriving corporate career, decided to follow his heart and elevate Kandewala’s business to an international level. Leaving his job behind, he joined his father’s business, and together with Honey, they’ve taken Kandewala to the world stage. Their love for photography and storytelling led them to combine their business expertise with the creative dreams.

Our Vision

At Kandewala, our mission goes beyond the lens. We’re not just here to take snapshots; we’re here to capture the feelings and the heartfelt moments that make your day truly special. We want to create photos that feel alive, that tell your story in a way only you can tell. Our goal is to capture not just pictures, but the emotions, the sentiments, and stories behind them, adding a fresh and personal perspective to every shot. That’s why, we encourage couples to enjoy their special day and trust us to take care of the rest. The more joy they experience, the more radiant their pictures will be.

Your journey of love is important to us. Kandewala Wedding Photography welcomes you to be a part of our story. Let us create a treasure trove of memories that truly capture the essence of your wedding day.